Erecting Putting up a Board

Whilst there is nothing easier, marketing wise, for an estate agent to sell a property from just a property sign board enquiry, they have had to put it up!

Yes, it is easy, especially for the sale it can achieve…
however even on that process their terms may pass responsibilities and dangers to the property vendor, so they still need considered.

Just as with putting up your own private sale or let sign, securing the board to a stable position (angled against high winds) and ensuring it cannot harm a passer by, is essential.

It is worth checking that the for sale or to let property board is erected properly, even if installed by your agent.

Rules on erecting/putting up a Board

In addition to it being safe. Any conditions of the lease and restrictions, if in a conservation area, need considered. And can be overlooked.

Erecting / Putting up your private for sale or to let board

Drilling pilot holes for decent sized screws in both the boards post and the surface it is being attached to, is wise. As damaging the screw head when they become too tight and not screwing them in fully, is the only typical difficulty experienced.

It makes putting a property board up and aligning it, once ready to screw it in, far easier.

Those putting up the board alone can use a small piece of wood under the post, when drilling pilot holes on the floor (garden area) and then use that piece as a template to drill into the surface (gate post/fence/wall) that will hold up the board. Using properly size raw plugs if going into brick or stone. (see image below)

Some space between the bottom of the board post and the ground is good, to prevent it getting damp, ensuring your board can be used for private sales or to compliment your agents efforts, time after time.

Earning back it’s cost, well into the future.

If high winds are channeled through an alley way or set of houses nearby, into the property, it is good to angle the board face’s side into the wind or attach the board especially securely if face on to the wind.

Erecting a board Suggestions : Not guaranteed
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